Make a Tax Payment:







Forming a new business can be a daunting challenge.  Below are a list of questions you should be
asking yourself:

-What type of entity should my business operate as?
-Do I need financial assistance to start my business?
-Will I need to hire employees or independent contractors?
-How should I maintain my records?
-Should I establish a retirement plan?
-Should I establish a health insurance plan under my business?
-What tax ID numbers will I need?
-Do I need a sales tax permit or local exposition tax ID?
-How much should I be setting aside for taxes?
-What's deductible?  What's not deductible?
-Do I need to carry a worker's compensation policy?
-How can I reduce my tax liability?
-Am I subject to unemployment taxes on my independent contractors?

At H&F, we will work with you step by step in answering your questions, assisting you in the
implementation of your business plan, and offering valuable tax savings strategies and consultation
necessary for the long term success of your new business.  Contact our office for a free consultation.



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